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Hello, I am Christine Baird and welcome to the website of Allay Counselling.

Why am I called Allay Counselling ? By definition the word 'allay' refers to the act of 'relieving', to 'calm or pacify', to 'reduce'. 'allay the fears' or even 'allay the pain'. For me this describes an important part of what is strived towards during the counselling experience.

It is highly probable that you have found this site because you are experiencing, or have recently experienced some form of distress or difficulty and you are looking for support.

I believe it is important to build a good relationship where you feel that you can trust me. I offer counselling in a safe, secure and confidential environment. It is important to understand that I cannot wave a 'magic wand' to make your difficulties go away. What I can do is to sit alongside you and support you in making movement towards a positive change for yourself.

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Written by : Christine Baird

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